Comparison of serum concentration of Ca, P, Mg, and Fe between hemifacial spasm patients and healthy controls; prospective randomized controlled study

  • E.K. Ulusoy
  • D.M. Ulusoy
  • S Kiliç
Keywords: Calcium, hemifacial spasm, iron, magnesium, phosphorus


Purpose: In this study, we aimed to measure the serum vitamin D level in hemifacial spasmic (HFS) patients and show the role of HFS in the pathogenesis and place in etiology.

Materials and Methods: This study included 43 prospective newly diagnosed HFS patients and 43 healthy volunteers in the neurology clinic. The serum (Ca, P, Mg, Fe) concentration of 4 essential elements was measured with a biochemical device. The groups were correlated in terms of four essential element concentrations. The severity of the disease was measured using Lee’s Quality of Life Scale and correlated with the concentration of four trace elements. The results were compared using the independent t‑test and Mann–Whitney U‑test.

Results: Concentration of serum Ca, P, and Mg in the HFS patients was found to be lower in the control group which was statistically significant (P < 0.05). There was no statistically difference between the groups in terms of Fe concentration (P > 0.05). There was no significant correlation between trace element concentration and severity of illness and daily life quality in the patient group.

Conclusion: These results show us the role of HFS in the pathogenesis of these four trace elements and the importance of its location in etiology. We think that changes in the concentration of trace elements in HFS can lead to demyelinization, which may lead to spasm.

Keywords: Calcium, hemifacial spasm, iron, magnesium, phosphorus


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