Mortality predictors in community-acquired pneumonia

  • M.O Tanimowo
Keywords: Community-Acquired Pneumonia, Mortality Predictors


To determine mortality predictors among patients admitted for community-acquired pneumonia to themedicalwards of Ladoke Akintola University ofTeaching Hospital between Jan. 2003 andDec. 2005. The case notes of 65 patients admitted for community-acquired pneumoniawere studiedwith respect to their admission Pneumonia Severity Index (PSI) (Score) and functional class.The duration of admission, side of lung affected on chestX-ray, co-morbid illness and outcomewere also noted. The mean Pneumonia Severity Index score for patients who were discharged and those who died was 65.48 32.6 and 95.47 32.9 respectively (.P<0.05). Bedridden patients have highermortality than patients who walked without problems on admission (P<0.05). The mean duration of admission of discharged patients was 9.5 8.9 dayswhile that of patientswho diedwas 4.82 2.7 days (P<0.05).The side of lung involvement of chest X-ray does not seemto affectmortality (P>0.05). Sixteen co-morbid illnesseswere identified. The Pneumonia Severity Index score remains an important mortality predictor in patients with community-acquired pneumonia, but there is need to widen its scope to include functional class, duration of admission, and locally important co-morbid illnesses.

KeyWords: Community-Acquired Pneumonia, Mortality Predictors


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eISSN: 1119-3077