Sarcoma Botyroides of the Cervix in a HIV Positive 45 Year Old Woman: A Case Report

  • D.C.D Anyiam
  • C.O Ukah
  • I.V Onyiaorah
  • N Okafor
Keywords: Sarcoma botyroides, cervix, rhabdomyosarcoma


Embryonal rhabdomyosarcomas (Sarcoma botyroides) are malignancies of connective tissue with abnormal cells which are thought to arise from skeletal muscle progenitors. It is a rare childhood malignant solid tumour and occurs in children mostly less than 10 years. It can occur at any age but two commonest peaks are 1-5years (when approximately 66.6% occur) and 15-19 years accounting for the rest. Sarcoma botyroides which usually occurs in the vagina in childhood is rare in the female reproductive tract of adult women especially those over the age of 40. We report here a case of a 45 year old HIV-positive woman who presented with profuse bleeding from the vagina with severe anaemia. Macroscopically, a cauliflower polypoid growth was seen protruding from the cervix into the vagina. Histopathological studies confirmed a diagnosis of sarcoma botyroides. Conclusion: The need for a high index of suspicion of sarcoma botyroides of the cervix must be borne in mind when making a diagnosis on all cervical polypoidal masses. Also the importance of looking out for lesions and malignancies on all HIV positive patients cannot be over-emphasized.

Key Words: Sarcoma botyroides, cervix, rhabdomyosarcoma


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eISSN: 1119-3077