Classification and management challenges of otitis media in a resource-poor country

  • TS Ibekwe
  • OGB Nwaorgu
Keywords: Classifications, complications, management, otitis media


The clinical features and sequelae of otitis media (OM) vary depending on the duration, severity and progression of the disease. As a result, opinions on the modes of classification and management protocols have differed over the years. The need to critically appraise these opinions according to the peculiarities of each region is imperative. This work was aimed at reviewing the world literature on the subject and also highlights the limitations in management in our region. A wide literature search was conducted using the following search engines: PubMed, AJOL and University of Toronto Library. Also incorporated were essential materials obtained from the authors’ clinical practices. The search engines returned 22,903 related articles on OM. Further filtration yielded 88 articles on “classification and management” and these were obtained in full and thoroughly read. Extracted materials for review spanned between 1980 and 2008. OM is prevalent the world over with potentially severe complications if inadequately managed, especially in the developing countries. It is of note that in the developing countries, poverty, ignorance, dearth of specialists and limited access to medical care amongst others conspire to worsen the course and complications of OM.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1119-3077