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Oxyphil cell adenoma in a Nigerian: Case report and review of the literature

AE Aghaji, DB Olushina, OI Okoye


Oncocytomas of the lacrimal gland are rare tumors. We report the first documented case in Nigeria. This was an interventional case report. A complete ophthalmologic and systemic examination with available pertinent investigations was done, followed by a modified exentheration and histopathologic examination. A 60-year-old Nigerian housewife was evaluated for a slow-growing, right upper lid mass associated with visual lesion in the ipsilateral eye. Plain skull x-rays revealed a soft tissue in the right eye orbit without any bony extension. A modified exentheration was done. Histopathology showed sheets of oxyphil cells in the lacrimal gland. Although rare, more cases of oncocytomas may exist than are reported in the literature.
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