Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice

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Esthetics with prosthetics in case of maxillary canine transposition: A clinical report

Shweta Yadav, AK Sheorain, N Madan, P Bajaj


Transposition is a dental anomaly manifested by a positional interchange of two permanent teeth. The maxillary permanent canine usually transposes with the first premolar and occasionally with the lateral incisor. These are mainly genetically governed and are treated orthodontically if complete segment of tooth is present; in case of missing teeth, participation of cosmetic dentist is must. The present case report describes a situation where left canine to lateral incisor complete transposition was present along with a missing left central incisor. Esthetic rehabilitation of the “smile zone” was the major concern. Scrupulous treatment planning to esthetically contour transposed teeth according to their normal positions, i.e., transposed left canine to lateral incisor and transposed left lateral incisor to canine with replacement of missing tooth, was a challenge.

Keywords: Canine transposition, composite veneers, smile design

Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice •Jan-Mar 2012 • Vol 15 • Issue 1
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