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Cardiovascular responses to blood transfusion in children with anemic heart failure

WE Sadoh, AE Sadoh, M Okposio


Introduction: This study evaluated the cardiovascular responses to blood transfusion in children with anemic heart failure using mostly clinical parameters.
Materials and Methods: Consecutive patients with anemic heart failure presenting to a childrenfs emergency room and requiring blood transfusion were assessed for heart rate (HR), respiratory rate (RR), systolic blood pressure (SBP), liver size, and oxygen saturation (O2 sat) pre.transfusion, 1.2 h into transfusion (intra.transfusion), immediate post.transfusion, and at late post.transfusion (24 h later).
Results: A total of 75 patients were recruited of which 46 (61.3%) were males. Their mean age was 43.8 } 40.3 months while their mean PCV at presentation was 15.0 } 4.5%. There was a significant mean net reduction of 10 beat per minute (bpm) between the pre (139.7 } 25.2 bpm) and intra.transfusion (129.6 } 22.0 bpm) HR, P = 0.0004. The mean net reduction of 4 cycles/ min between the pre and intra.transfusion RR was also significant, P = 0.0033. The two parameters declined in values subsequently.
Conclusion: The HR and RR are two easily measurable indices with reduction in HR and RR by 10 bpm and 4 cycles/min, respectively, from pre.transfusion to intra.transfusion observations.
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