Reimplantation of avulsed dry permanent teeth after three days: A report of two cases

  • IN Ize-Iyamu
  • BDO Saheeb
Keywords: Avulsion, dry teeth, reimplantation, three days


Two cases of reimplantation of avulsed teeth that occurred after 72 hours are reported. The two patients were male and female aged 13 and 24 years, respectively. The avulsed teeth were not placed in any storage medium for the duration they were out of the mouth and there was no periodontal ligament remaining on their root surfaces before the reimplantation. The teeth in these two patients are still firm without complications after 7 and 17 months. We suggest that the procedures adopted in treating these case should be used by clinicians in treating carefully selected cases that match the cases presented in this paper, which may present to them in their clinics.

Key words: Avulsion, dry teeth, reimplantation, three days


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eISSN: 1119-3077