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Dicephalus dipus tetrabrachius conjoined twins of Zaria: Case report and literature review

PO Ibinaiye, PM Mshelbwala, N Abdulgafar, AK Lawal


One of the most interesting congenital malformations to manage is a conjoined twin. Conjoined twins are rare occurrences in obstetric/pediatric practice. More commonly known as Siamese twins, this phenomenon is shrouded in mystery and considered a curiosity by general public. Current technology is lending a helping hand in the early diagnosis of these conditions. Frequently, the twins are born dead, but there are few cases in which the twins survive. We presented a case of dicephalus dipud conjoined twins; a rare type of conjoined twins.

Key words: Conjoined twins, dicephalus, dipus, tetrabrachius
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