Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice

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Metallic sewing needle ingestion presenting as acute abdomen

S Misra, V Jain, F Ahmad, R Kumar, N Kishore


We reported an unusual case of a 26‑year‑old man presenting to surgical emergency as generalized peritonitis following an ingestion of multiple metallic sewing needles. The X‑ray of his abdomen showed pneumoperitoneum and multiple metallic foreign bodies in the abdominal cavity. An ultrasonogram of his abdomen showed multiple metallic foreign bodies in the abdominal cavity and urinary bladder. Emergency exploratory laparotomy was performed. On laparotomy, gastric and duodenal perforation was found through which metallic sewing needles were protruding out. A peritoneal lavage was done, and all the sewing needles were extracted from the perforation site, paracolic gutter, liver parenchyma, and urinary bladder. The primary repair of the perforation with omental patching was done with the drainage of subhepatic space and pelvic cavity. These multiple ingested sewing needles led to the perforation of the stomach and the duodenum, which resulted in perforation peritonitis.

Keywords: Foreign body, gastrointestinal tract, metallic sewing needles, schizophrenia, X‑ray

Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice • Oct-Dec 2013 • Vol 16 • Issue 4
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