Nigerian Journal of Chemical Research

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Fermentation potentials of Citrus limon and Hibiscus sabdariffa juice extracts

A Ado, GA Ajibade, DB Maikaje


This study aimed to determine the fermentation potentials of yeast isolates from Citrus limon and Hibiscus sabdariffa for the fermentation of juice extracts of C. limon and H. sabdariffa. Isolation and morphological studies of yeast cells were carried out by standard protocols. Fourier Transform Infra-red (FT-IR) spectrophotometer was used to characterize the fermentation products. The result of yeasts morphology showed cylindrical, slender and spherical yeast cells. The standardized fermentation showed significant change in pH (α=0.05>p 0.00). The FT-IR profiles suggest the presence of alcohol in the fermented plant juices thus suggesting C. limon and H. sabdariffa juices as good sources for environment friendly biofuel.

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