Hematological and histological changes induced on the selected organs of (Wistar) rats by leaf extracts from herbs of ethno medicinal application

  • SB Hauwa
  • G Baba
  • H Yusuf


This study focused on the adverse effects of the extract of a mixture of 11 different herbs on the hematology and histology of liver, and kidney of rats. 20 rats were grouped into four different groups of 5 and were administered concentrations of 100mgkg-1, 200mgkg-1, 400mgkg-1 and the last group as control for 29 days. The Rats were sacrificed and blood collected for hematology test. The platelet level of group treated with 200mgkg-1 and 400mgkg-1 decreased with values (22.36±4.88 and 21.90±26.30) as control (31.20 ± 12.70), slight increase in the level of the mean capsular volume in group treated with 200mgkg-1 (97.33±19.40) and decrease in mean capsular Hemoglobin in animals treated with 400mgkg-1 (10.20±2.48, 23.75± 10.71). There was a significant increase in the white blood cell of animals treated with 400mgkg-1(71.57±3.56) and control group (3.66±3.06). No pathological changes were observed with the group treated with 100 mg extract. Significant pathological changes were observed in liver and kidney at 200 and 400 mg which is suggestive of degenerative or apoptotic effects.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1119-0221