Stigma and Discrimination in HIV/AIDS; The greatest Challenge to HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care, Support and Treatment

  • LO Odeigah
Keywords: Stigma, Discrimination, People Living with HIV/AIDS - PLWA


From inception, the HIV/AIDS epidemic had been accompanied also by an epidemic of fear, ignorance and denial, leading to intense stigma and accompanying discriminatory practices against those living with HIV/AIDS. The greatest challenge to the efforts of the various agencies and governments in the care, support and treatment of people living with HIV/AIDS, appears to be stigma and discrimination. Stigma and discrimination has to be addressed through public education, legislation to protect people living with HIV/AIDS and also by legal means to address human rights abuses in areas of health care, education, housing, employment etc. Health managers must make conscious efforts to put in place policies and structure to reduce stigma and discrimination in the health care setting.

Key Words: Stigma, Discrimination, People Living with HIV/AIDS - PLWA



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