Causes of, and Remedy to Insecurity and Kidnapping in Anambra State, Nigeria

  • V N Nwadinobi
Keywords: Causes, Remedy, Insecurity, Kidnapping


This study is a descriptive survey which examine the causes and counselling strategies that can remedy insecurity and kidnapping in Anambra State. Three research questions were answered and one null hypothesis was tested. The researcher designed an instrument tagged ‘Causes and Remedy to Kidnapping Questionnaire’ (CRKQ) which consisted of 21 items. Data collected were analyzed using mean, standard deviation and t-test. The findings revealed forms of insecurity in Anambra State to include among others robbery, bag snatching, burglary and kidnapping. Also, the findings indicated unemployment, drug abuse, poverty, and quest for fast money among others as the major causes of insecurity and kidnapping. The counselling strategies that could help to remedy insecurity and kidnapping were identified to include cognitive restructuring, community and on-line counselling. The study recommended that jobs be created for youths to reduce unemployment and poverty that were identified as part of the causes of insecurity and kidnapping. Also, that tertiary institutions should organize group counselling within and outside the campuses, so as to alert youths of the consequences of engaging in acts leading to insecurity and kidnapping.

Keywords: Causes; Remedy; Insecurity; Kidnapping


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