Guidance and counselling services in federal government colleges in Nigeria

  • ANG Alutu Department of Educational Psychology and Curriculum Studies, University of Benin.


This paper seeks to explore the State-of-the-art of guidance and counseling services in Federal Government Colleges in Nigeria by discussing guidance and counselling and the provisions for its services in the National Policy on Education. It also highlights the set up of guidance and counselling at the Federal Ministry level. In addition, it discusses the current status of guidance services in the federal government colleges in Nigeria. The discussion of the above will create more awareness on the existing guidance and counselling services and the efforts made so far by the government to encourage the growth of guidance and counselling in schools. The paper also makes recommendations, which will improve the counselling services in our schools. The effective organization of guidance and counselling services in Nigeria would be a reality, if the federal and state Ministries of Education are able to provide professionally trained guidance counsellors, recognize their services in schools and provide them with necessary incentives and facilities. Since the Federal government colleges took the lead in the implementation of the 6-3-3-4 system of education in Nigeria, the need for effectively organized guidance services in these schools cannot be over-emphasized.

The Nigerian Journal of Guidance and Counselling Vol. 8 (1) 2002: pp. 162-181

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eISSN: 0794-0831