Enhancing Pupils\' Intellectual Capability at the Pre-Primary School Level: Implication for Teacher Effectiveness

  • H I Bazza
  • A A Iheanacho
Keywords: Pupils' intellectual capability, pre-primary school level, teacher effectiveness


This paper examined the importance of pre-primary education as the cradle of an individual\'s wider development through the other schools, and as the first step in the child\'s attempt to negotiate his/her rights to education, and personal development. It emphasizes on the need for the teachers being the hub of the educational system to understand the processes of the child\'s growth and the stage of cognitive development such as the pre-operational and the imitative stages. There is need for educationist to understand these processes of growth and development in order to enhance the knowledge of the child and his/her behaviors and actions at various periods and be able to harness the manifestation for effective learning.

Keywords: Pupils' intellectual capability; pre-primary school level; teacher effectiveness

The Nigerian Journal Of Guidance And Counselling Vol. 12 (1) 2007 pp. 39-46

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eISSN: 0794-0831