Correlates of body image dissatisfaction among female undergraduates in Ogun state, Nigeria

  • TM Williams
  • RA Aderanti
Keywords: Body image dissatisfaction, Peer acceptance, Parental nurturance, Mass Media, Female Undergraduates


The purpose of the study was to examine factors predicting body image
dissatisfaction among female university undergraduates in Ogun State.
Adolescent have been found to be influenced by a number of factors which may determine how they feel about their body images. Two hundred and fifty Undergraduate students randomly selected from two Universities in Ogun State participated in the study. Multiple regression analysis was employed to determine the joint and relative contributions of the independent variables to the prediction of the dependent variable. The results indicated that the three independent variables both jointly and relatively contributed significantly to the prediction of the criterion measure. On the basis of the finding of the study, it is recommended that adolescents should be exposed to counseling intervention programmes that would enable them withstand pressures relating to these factors (Peer acceptance, Parental nurturance, Mass Media) which
predisposes them to body image dissatisfaction.

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eISSN: 0794-0831