The Prevalence of Smoking among Undergraduates of Imo State University Owerri, SouthEastern Nigeria

  • CAJ Emerole
  • HN Chineke
  • KC Diwe
  • DPM Onubeze
Keywords: Smoking, undergraduates, prevalence.


Background:- Smoking is the act of inhaling and exhaling, swallowing or tasting of fumes of a burning substance such as tobacco into the body system. It is an addictive act with adverse effects on health and social life. Tobacco smoking is presently the most popular form of smoking and is practiced by over one billion of the world’s population, with cigarette smoking being the most predominant. In Nigeria, recent research shows that the incidence of smoking is on the increase especially among the youths, with the resultant devastating effects, which is felt more in our communities due to poor health facilities, low nutritional status and dearth of knowledge as to its negative effects.


(1)         To determine the prevalence of tobacco use amongst undergraduates of Imo State University Owerri.

(2)         To make appropriate recommendations to control tobacco use among youths.

Methodology:- This is a descriptive cross sectional study. Data was collected using a semi-structured self administered questionnaire; it was analyzed and presented using tables and other descriptive statistical methods.

Results:- Of the 350  respondents, only 95(27%) smoke tobacco, and this can be attributed to awareness of the health and social hazards associated with it. There were more male smokers 88(25%) than female smokers 7(2%). The highest number of cigarettes taken per day was 8 sticks. 84(80%) respondents who are smokers were introduced to the act by friends and course mates; 85(81%) of respondents smoke just to derive satisfaction. Over 323(95%) of respondents are aware of the health hazards posed by smoking, while 222(78%) admitted their desire to quit smoking.

Conclusion and Recommendation:- The prevalence of smoking among undergraduates of Imo State University was 27%, with more males involved than females. It is a habit common amongst youths with many negative effects on health. More enlightenment of the students on the dangers of smoking is needed in order to achieve behavioral change. Furthermore, the sale and use of tobacco products should be prohibited in the university campuses, while counseling and help centres should be provided to help those who want to quit the act.

Key words: Smoking, undergraduates, prevalence.


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