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The Impact of Education Intervention on the Blood Pressure Control of the Elderly Nigerian Hypertensives

SO Olayemiand, AFB Mabadeje


Hypertension plays a major role in morbidity and mortality in Nigeria. Evidence from developed countries showed that intensive patient education has resulted in improved compliance to therapy reducing morbidity and mortality. There was a need to explore the impact of health educational intervention on the blood pressure control among elderly hypertensives. Ninety-five hypertensive patients aged sixty and above attending the Hypertension Clinic of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital were recruited. An initial level of their awareness of hypertension, its risk factors and management were assessed through a structured research questionnaire. A score of 60% was deemed adequate. Over a two year period, health talk on the need to comply with life style modification and drug therapy followed by a question and answer session was given on each clinic day. Adequate blood pressure control was defined <140/90-mmHg or mean blood pressure <106.7mmHg. 88.4% of the patients had improved awareness of hypertension, it risk factors and management after education intervention compared to 56.8% pre-intervention (p=0.0001). 90.5% had adequate blood pressure control after education intervention compared to 69.5% pre-intervention (p=0.0003). Health education as intervention directed at the hypertensive patients improved the blood pressure control and patient's awareness of the disease.

Key Words:Education, blood pressure control, pre-intervention, post-intervention

Nig. J Health and Biomed. Sciences Vol.2(2) 2003: 65-67
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