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The Effect of Alcohol Extract of Neem Seed on Ovulation, Estrous Cycle, and the Fertility of Adult Cyclic Sprague–Dawley Rats

SC Gbotolorun, AA Oremosu, CC Noronha, OA Okanlawon


There is a search for a cheap, available and effective contraceptive to meet the increasing need for population control. This study was designed to determine the effect of alcoholic extract of Neem seed on the estrous cycle, ovulation and fertility of 38 female cyclic adult Sprague–Dawley rats weighing between 140 – 180g. There were 3 experimental models.

I – Neem seed alcoholic extract was given to 5 rats orally for 3 weeks and the effect on the estrous cycle studied. II – Neem seed alcoholic extract was given to 2 groups of 5 rats at 9a.m and at 6p.m on proestrus and the effect on the number of ova shed on the morning of estrus observed. III – Neem seed alcoholic extract was administered on day 1 to 5 postcoitum to 4 rats and observation was made for anti-implantation/abortifacient effect and possible teratogenic effects on the fetuses. Each group received an oral dose of 200mg of Neem seed alcoholic extract. All the groups were control matched. Results showed alterations in the estrous cycle in the treated rats, especially a prolonged diestrus pattern. There was also a partial block in ovulation; however there was no anti-implantation/abortifacient effect observed and no teratogenicity in the fetuses.

KEY WORDS: Neem Seed, ovalation, estrous cycle, fertility

Nigerian Journal of Health and Biomedical Sciences Vol.3(2) 2004: 116-119
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