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Effect of Marijuana Smoking on Blood Chemistry and Serum Biogenic Amines Concentrations in Humans

OAT Ebuehi, AI Akinwande, OO Famuyiwa, EO Uzodinma, OA Adebayo, OA Onwumere, ON Masade, B Aiyesimoju


The effect of marijuana smoking on blood chemistry and serum biogenic amines concentrations in humans was investigated. Eighty Marijuana addicts and twenty non- marijuana smokers were used in the study. Blood chemistry and serum biogenic amines concentrations of the marijuana addicts and controls, were determined by Synchron CX5 autoanalyzer and high performance liquid chromatography respectively. The concentrations of serum creatine, phosphate, urea nitrogen, triglyceride, choline, uric acid, serum aspartate transaminase, serum glutamate transaminase and alkaline phosphatase activities of the marijuana addicts were significantly higher (p<0.01), than in controls. The concentrations of serum albumin, total protein, electrolytes and glucose were not significantly altered (p<0.01), by marijuana addiction. Serum concentrations of serotonin and 5-hydroxyl indole acetic acid (5HIAA), were significantly decreased (p<0.01), while the serum levels of dopamine, noradrenaline and adrenaline were significantly increased (p<0.01). Results indicate that marijuana addiction affected the blood chemistry, while serotonin and 5HIAA levels were curtailed and serum catecholamine levels were potentiated. Marijuana smoking may affect neural functions mediated by these biogenic amines neurotransmission.
KEY WORDS: Marijuana smoking, blood chemistry, serum biogenic amines.
Nigerian Journal of Health and Biomedical Sciences Vol.4(1) 2005: 20-24
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