Root Surface Caries Occurence in Relation to Social and Dental Health Behaviour in a Selected Sub-Urban Population, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

  • C I Udoye
  • O A Olusile
  • A O Oginni
  • A O Oginni
Keywords: Root caries, social and Dental behaviour, Suburban population


Objective: To investigate the association between root caries and social and dental behaviour amongst adults in a selected suburband adult population. Methods: The setting, study design and root caries diagnosis were as described in the first part of this three part series. Subjects\' social and dental health behaviour were investigated by administration of a closed ended questionnaire. Result: Root Caries Occurred least amongst regular dental attenders (27.2%) as against non attenders (43.2%). Furthermore, non attenders had worst severity of root caries (58.3%) compared to regular attenders (16.7%). Root Caries occurred most amogst the 60 + age range (46.9%), followed by 50 – 59 age range (23.5%), 40 – 49 age range (13.6%), 30 – 39 age range (13.6%) and 20 – 29 age range (2.5%). Similarly, worst severity of root caries occurred in the 60 + year age group. The association between root surface caries and gender was not proven. Conclusion: Being male or female did not influence root surface caries in the study population. Dental attendance should be improved in the studied population.

Keywords: Root caries, social and Dental behaviour, Suburban population

Nigerian Journal of Health and Biomedical Sciences Vol. 6 (2) 2007: pp. 64-67