Comparative effects of NPK 15:15:15 fertilizer, kola and cocoa pod husk manures on performance of Celosia argentea in Uhonmora, Edo State Nigeria

  • R.R. Ipinmoroti
  • O.S.O. Akanbi
  • A.A. Oloyede
  • B.S. Famuwiya
Keywords: Celosia argentea, growth performance, land productivity, marginal costs, pod husk


Field experiment was conducted from April-August, 2012 to determine the effects of different rates of NPK 15;15:15 fertilizer and Kola and Cocoa Pod Husk Manures on the growth and fresh shoot yields of Celosia argentea at Uhonmora, Edo State. Three fertilizers used were NPK 15;15:15, Kola pod husk (KPH) and Cocoa Pod Husk (CPH).Each fertilizer was applied to supply 0, 40, 80 and 120 kg N ha-1. The experiment was a 3x4x3 factorial in RCBD Celosia argentea seeds were raised into seedlings in the nursery for 2 weeks and the seedlings were planted on the beds in rows at 20 cm along the rows with 30 cm space between rows for a total of 20,000 plants ha-1. Data on plant height, girth and number of leaves (growth parameters and fresh shoot yield were taken and analysed using ANOVA, while the treatment mean values were separated using LSD at p<0.5. The cost benefits of using the fertilizers were also carried out. The Celosia plant growth performance and harvested fresh weight were 17.2 – 31,5%, 22.7 – 33.6%, 40.1 – 60.7% and 84.6-126% respectively better in the plant height, girth, number of leaves and fresh shoot yield when fertilizers were used and their mean differences were significantly higher (P<0.5) compared to the control. The cost benefit effect showed that the profit margin from the sales of the fresh harvests was optimum at 80 kg N/ha for NPK 15:15:15 with value of $756.10, while it was optimum at 40 kg N/ha for both CPH and KPH with values of $649.10 and $587.03 respectively. These rates are advised for optimal Celosia production in the area


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eISSN: 1118-2733