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Rapid leaf area estimation in Capsicum (Capsicum spp)

AW Salau
FO Olasantan
GA Oloriade


A study was conducted to develop a rapid accurate method of leaf area estimation in ‘Sombo Bawa’, ‘Sombo Chilli’ (Capsicum frutescens), ‘Atarodo’ and ‘Tatase’ (Capsicum annuum) using destructive and non-destructive approaches. Two linear regression estimators (Y=a+bX and Y=bX) were proposed. Leaf area estimated from LB had the highest coefficient of determination (r2) of 90-99% and the lowest percentage deviation of 4-5%, irrespective of the linear regression equation model. Thus for intact leaves of capsicum, leaf area can be estimated either by using regression estimator Y=bX (LA=0.63LB r2=90%) or by regression estimator Y=a+bX (LA= -0.62 + 0.64LB r2=90%). However, when large numbers of samples are to be handled, leaf area can be estimated on the basis of dry weight (DW) with reasonable accuracy. Thus for detached leaves of Capsicum, leaf area can be estimated by using either regression estimator Y=bX (LA=151.62DW r2=65%) or Y=a+bX (LA=8.55+97.27DW r2=87%).

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eISSN: 1118-2733