Prevalence, Use and Valuation of Spices in selected towns in Oyo and Ogun States, South Western, Nigeria

  • I.O.O Aiyelaagbe
  • T.T Joseph-Adekunle
  • T.A Adedokun
Keywords: Spices, Prevalence, Supply, Usage, Profitability, Constraints.


A study was conducted to investigate the prevalence, availability and profitability of the spices’ business in selected towns of two states in South western Nigeria. The study was approached from the Focused Group Interviews, Markets and Desktop surveys as well as personal communications. The results showed that the spices’ business has potentials as lucrative business though presently under-exploited. Spices identified most are either vines, shrub or trees of which the seeds, bulbs, bulblets, leaves or florets are used. Piper guineensis had the highest prevalence (80%) and ranked topmost in demand and usage. Closely followed by are Afromum melegueta 70% and Capsicum frutescens 60% respectively.

Key words: Spices, Prevalence, Supply, Usage, Profitability, Constraints.


eISSN: 1118-2733