Percutanous vertebroplasty for vertebral compression fracture in geriatric patients; a report of two cases

  • Tamunokuro E. Diamond
  • Valentine Ogbu
  • Kingsley Ekwe
  • Felix Ogedegbe
  • Siddiq Salawu


Background: Osteoporotic vertebral fractures are common in the geriatric age group. Treatment options are influenced by the severity of symptoms, the presence or otherwise of spinal cord compression, level of spinal compression, degree of vertebral height collapse and the integrity of the posterior spinal elements.

Aim: We report vertebroplasty for compression vertebral fractures in two geriatric patients.

Case Report 1: A 94 year old widow presented to our accident and emergency unit with seven hour history of severe localized back pain following trauma. No neurologic deficit. Radiologic evaluation showed compression fracture of the twelfth thoracic vertebra with intact posterior elements. She had T12vertebroplasty using an injectable nonresorbable, vertebroplasty cement the day after the injury. Immediate post operative and three months follow-up reviews showed effective pain relief and progressive independent ambulation.

Case Report 2: A 73 year old with sudden onset back pain following trauma. She subsequently had percutanous L1 vertebroplasty after evaluation. Post operative pain relief was significant with a VAS score of -4.0 on day one and -8.0 on day seven.

Conclusion: Percutanous vertebroplasty offers effective, immediate and sustained pain relief in osteoporotic vertebral fractures.


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eISSN: 2667-0526
print ISSN: 1115-2613