Histology types of chest wall tumours: Fifteen year single center experience

  • I.A. Nwafor
  • O.C. Okafor
  • J.C. Eze
  • N. Ezemba


Background/Objective: Chest wall tumours are not uncommon.They are regarded as malignant until otherwise proven.The objective of this study is to analyze the histological variants in our institution and compare same with relevant data available in the literature.

Materials and Methods: We performed a retrospective study of chest wall tumours at our institution(NCTCE, UNTH, Enugu, Nigeria), for a period of 15 years, spanning October, 2001 to September, 2015.The pathologic reports were retrieved from the hospital pathology archives and correlated with patients' copies in the hospital record.The lesions were classified as primary and secondary based on the clinical and radiological data as well as the histological reports.

Results:A total of 158 chest wall tumours were identified in 158 patients with a mean age range of (45 +/- 6). The male to female ratio was  1:1.1(male = 74,46.84% and female =84, 53.16%). There were 81  primary chest wall tumours, out of which benign soft chest wall tumour was 50(61.73%) and malignant soft chest wall tumour was 13(16.05%).The benign bone and cartilage chest wall tumour accounted for 1(1.23%) and malignant component was 17(20.99%).The secondary chest wall tumours studied were 77, out of which 30(38.96%) were  invasive and 47(61.04%) were metastatic

Conclusion:The commonest primary malignant chest wall tumour was malignant fibrous histocytoma while the most common secondary chest wall tumours seen in this study was mostly metastatic epithelial  neoplasms.

Key words: chest wall,tumour,histology,malignant,


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