Obesity as a Risk Factor for Age‑related Cataract in a Nigerian Population

  • Rilwan Chiroma Muhammad
  • Aisha Sheriff Kalambe
  • Abubakar Imam
Keywords: Age-related, body mass index, cataract, obesity


Purpose: The purpose of the study was to investigate the relationship between obesity and age-related cataract in a Nigerian Population.

Materials and Methods: Ninety adult patients aged between 45 and 65 years with age-related cataract were matched with ninety adult
patients aged between 45and 65 years without cataract based on age and gender. Pretested interviewer‑administered questionnaires were used to obtain information on demographics, educational levels, and occupation. Cataract was evaluated using a modified World Health Organization grading system. Body mass index (BMI) was categorized into four groups (underweight: BMI 15–19.9; normal weight: BMI 20–24.9; overweight: BMI 25–29.9; and obese: BMI >30). The association between degree and type of cataract and obesity was  evaluated. Data was analyzed using IBM SPSS version 21. Confidence intervals of 95% and P < 0.005 were considered statistically  significant.

Results: Female participants had significantly higher mean BMI than males (27.56 ± 6.33 vs. 24.95 ± 4.35 P = 0.002). There was however no statistically significant difference noted in mean BMI based on the age groups or the levels of education. There was no  statistically significant difference in BMI between participants with and without cataract (26.16 ± 5.87 vs. 27.56 ± 6.33, P = 0.824) regardless of the type and grade of cataract.

Conclusion: The study showed a lack of association between obesity and cataract, further studies are required to explore causality.

Keywords: Age-related, body mass index, cataract, obesity


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