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Computer technology and the surgeon: what the resident needs to know

MB Aminu, EA Ameh, A Mai


Background: Computer technology is now a well established resource in medicine and medical sciences. Surgery in developed countries has taken great advantage of this resource. This review is intended to highlight important aspects of computers in surgery and also encourages surgeons in Nigeria to acquaint themselves with its influences.

Methods: Publications from local and international journals as well as standard surgical texts were reviewed.

Results: The role of computers in surgery spans the areas of patient care, training, research, communication as well as surgical administration. Though a compliment to the surgeon, it has its problems including overwhelming information requiring careful scrutiny; computer fraud, hacking and viruses; copyright laws; the 'threat' of a well-informed patient population; and the risk of over dependence. Surgery in Nigeria and most of African is yet to maximize its benefits.

Conclusion: The application of computers in surgery will in the near future make surgical knowledge and practice become more simplified and less time with increased productivity will be required even for highly technical procedures.

Keywords: computer, surgeon, resident

Nigerian Journal of Medicine Vol. 15(2) 2006: 119-123
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