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Globalization and Health: A Critical Appraisal

TZ Swende, J Sokpo, F Tamen


Background: Health has long been recognized as a central feature of development. Globalization tends to be understood as a process of economic integration, but it implies more. It entails openness to trade, ideas, investment, people and culture all of which impact health.
Method: Review of relevant literature on globalization and health obtained from texts and Pubmed search.
Results: Globalization affects health positively and negatively simultaneously, depending on such factors as geographical location, sex, age, ethnic origin, educational
level and socioeconomic status.
Conclusion: The challenge remains how to make globalization work for health and to use health to foster better forms of globalization. The health community must
brace up to the challenge of engaging in the globalization debate with a view to promoting better health for us all.

Keywords: Globalization, Health, Appraisal, Critical.

Nigerian Journal of Medicine Vol. 17 (2) 2008: pp. 135-138
AJOL African Journals Online