Bilaterally Impacted Supplemental Premolar: A Case Report and Review of the Literature

  • AO Arigbede


Background: It has been described as interesting to encounter supplemental teeth, as the condition rarely occurs. The purpose of this report is to add to the scanty literature on the subject of supplemental teeth and to emphasize the significance of full-mouth radiograph for every patient at the initial dental consultation. Method: A case of an 18 year old young lady with incidental finding of bilaterally impacted supplemental premolar is presented together with a review of the literature Result: The patient presented with a recurrent history of toothache and palatal swelling of 1 year duration in relation to a slightly discoloured upper left central incisor. Examination revealed an incidental finding of bilaterally impacted supplemental premolar causing pressure effect on adjacent teeth. Conclusion: A full mouth clinical and radiological examination of every patient presenting at the dental clinic for the first time should not be taken for granted.

Keywords: Supernumerary teeth, supplemental teeth, impacted premolar

Nigerian Journal of Medicine Vol. 17 (3) 2008: pp. 363-365

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eISSN: 2667-0526
print ISSN: 1115-2613