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Disseminated Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in HIV positive patient - A Case Report

S.M Yusuf, A.E Uloko, H.A Adamu, G Iliyasu, A.M Mohammed


Disseminated cutaneous leishmaniasis and HIV dual-infection is seldom reported. Leishmaniasis and HIV co-infection may intensify the immune
defect and is the chief reason for atypical presentation and widespread progression of cutaneous leishmaniasis and its defiance to conventional therapy. Here we report a 38-yearold HIV-positive ladywhopresented with a 6-month history of a progressive papule and nodular eruptions of leishmaniasis on face, trunk and extremities that was recalcitrant to treatment.

Keywords: Co-infection, Diffuse cutaneous leishmaniasis, HIV infection.
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