Case Report: Dislocation of the Zygomatic Bone into the Nasal Cavity

  • MR Jamalpour
  • GR Farhangi
  • Z Mohammad


A 25-year-old patient sustained a traumatic dislocation of the right zygomatic bone into the nasal cavity. After ten days, the bone was taken out of the nose and fixed in its presumed original place. After the operation, the facial contour was desirable and orbital functions were also normal.

KEYWORDS: Dislocation, zygomatic bone, nasal cavity, maxillofacial trauma

Erratum Note: Mohammad RJ, Gholam T, Zahed M on the article “Dislocation of the Zygomatic Bone into the Nasal Cavity” on Page Nig. J. Med 2013. 151-153. Should read: Jamalpour MR, Farhangi GR, Mohammadi Z.


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eISSN: 2667-0526
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