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Pharmacognostic studies of the leaves of terminalia macroptera

H Ibrahim


Terminalia macroptera Guill. & Perr. (Combretaceae) is used for stomach ailments and skin diseases. Macroscopical, microscopical and quantitative evaluation of the leaves, whole and powdered was carried out. Microscopic features include the following parenchyma cells, stomata (anisocytic, anomocytic, actionocytic), trichomes (uniseriate, multicellular 2-4 cells), rosettes or prism of calcium oxalate crystals,phloem fibres, reticulate xyem vessels, dosiventral leaf with single row of palisade cells below the upper epidermis, secretory cells in the spongy mesophyll. Chemomicroscopy indicated the presence of cutin, lignin, cellulose, tannin, mucilage, starch, oils and calcium oxalate crystals. Quantitative evaluation gave moisture content 10.0% w/w, ash value, 11.3% w/w, acid insoluble ash value, 2.0%w/w, alcohol soluble extractive value, 12.7%w/w, water soluble extractive value, 17.0%w/w. These results can be used in the identification and preparation of a monograph on the plant.

Keywords: Terminalia macroptera, combretaceae, leaves, pharmacognostic evaluation

Nigerian Journal of Natural Products and Medicine Vol. 9 2005: 14-18
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