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Shilajit: An organic powerhouse

S. Thakkar
K. Laddha


This article deals with the use of shilajit as fertilizer for enhancing the growth of plants and thereby helping in the process of cultivation of new crops and thus in the agriculture science. Often times I get the question, “How do I prevent my plants from getting sick?” The answer is simple, and that is through plant immunity. In short, there are two primary factors that contribute to plant immunity: Adequate Mineral Nutrition and Absorption of nutrients. Both factors are met by the use of shilajit as fertilizer. Due to the chemistry of this mineral origin fertilizer, all growth factors  are provided to plants and correct absorption of nutrients take place when shilajit is used as fertilizer. In this article, we will discuss the traditional concepts, origin, types, Phytochemistry, odour, ayurvedic characters and biological effects of shilajit as fertilizer which makes it the powerhouse of plant immunity and use as organic natural fertilizer for agriculture and cultivation.