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Nutrient composition of some underutilized green leafy vegetables (Pterocarpus santalinoides, Corchorus olitorious and Myranthus arboreous) in Abia state, Nigeria

E.J. Umoh, H.O. Okudu, N.O. Asuzu


Background: Green leafy vegetables are important sources of protective foods which are highly beneficial for the maintenance of good health and prevention of diseases.
Objective: The study evaluated of nutrient composition of Pterocarpus. santalinoides, Corchorus olitoreus and Myranthus arboreus vegetables underutilized in Abia State.
Methods: The P. santalinoides, C.olitoreus and M.arboreuswere harvested from different forest in Aba South Local Government (LGA) of Abia State. The leaves were destalked, washed, dried under a shade for three days, cut to 2-3mm width, then dried at 50oC in conventional air oven to a constant weight milled into fine powder and stored in labelled air tight containers for further analysis. Proximate composition, minerals, vitamins and antinutrient contents of the samples were determined in triplicate using AOAC standard methods of analyses. Duncan multiple range test was used to separate and compare means.
Results: Moisture was low in all the samples (<11%), crude protein was significantly (p<0.05) higher in P. santalinoides (20.61%). Crude fat and crude fibre ranged between 1.72 to 4.35% and 9.46 to 20. 30%,respectively. The samples were poor sources of minerals but good sources of β- carotene (35.02 to 209mcg/100g). Other vitamins obtained include thiamine (2.80 to 10.20mg/100g), riboflavin (0.63 to 1.73mg/100g. Saponin was <5mg in all the samples. Phytate, tannin and oxalate were >5 mg in Myranthus arboreus and Pterocarpus santalinoides
Conclusion: The samples were low in minerals but had significant amounts of thiamin. Phytate, tannin and oxalate were high in Myranthus arboreus and Pterocarpus santalinoides.

Keywords: Pterocarpus santalinoides, Corchorus olitorius, Myranthus arboreus, vitamins

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