Traumatic 6th Nerve Palsy Managed with Medial Rectus Recession with Hangback Sutures and Hummelsheim Procedure

  • Akash P. Shah
  • Abhay A. Lune
  • Parikshit Gogate
  • Sudeep N. Pujari
Keywords: Abducent nerve, esotropia, trauma


Traumatic paralytic esotropia due to 6th nerve palsy is not uncommon but difficult to manage. We reported a case of 38‑year‑old male who sustained head injury in road traffic accident 15 years ago and inward deviation of his left eye. His vision in right eye was 20/20 and counting fingers at one foot in the left eye. He had >70 prism diopters esotropia in the left eye with restriction of movements in all directions of gaze except adduction. His forced duction test was positive. Examinations of the anterior and posterior segments of both eyes were within normal limits. Magnetic resonance imaging suggested old traumatic insult in the left eye. Diagnosis of left eye traumatic 6th nerve palsy with medial rectus contracture was made. Left medial rectus recession with hangback sutures and Hummelsheim procedure were performed. Postoperatively, the patient’s vision in the left eye had improved to 20/80 the esotropia had reduced to 15 prism diopters (delta).

Keywords: Abducent nerve, esotropia, trauma


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eISSN: 2468-8363
print ISSN: 0189-9171