The Impact of Cataract Surgery on Subjective Visual Functions and Quality of Life in Patients with Cataract in Northwestern Nigeria

  • Sadiq M. Abdullahi
  • Mahmoud B. Alhassan
  • Olufemi E. Babalola
Keywords: Cataract surgery, quality of life, visual function


Purpose: To determine the impact of cataract surgery on visual functions (VFs) and quality of life (QoL) in patients with cataract at the National Eye Center, Kaduna. Methods: VFs and QoL questionnaires were administered to the patients preoperatively and 6 weeks postoperatively. Correlation was assessed among subjective VF, QoL, and visual acuity (VA). The preoperative and sixth-week postoperative VA, VF scores, and QoL scores were compared. A paired t-test was used for comparison between before and after surgery. Results: Two hundred and seventy-one patients were studied. The age range of the patients was 45 to 85 years with a mean age of 64.2 years (SD ± 6.51). There was significant improvement in overall VF and QoL following cataract surgery (P<0.0001). Mean VF scores preoperatively and at 6 weeks postoperatively were 28.6 (SD ± 7.9) and 15.1 (SD ± 3.5), respectively. The overall mean QoL scores were 23.7 (SD ± 9.0.) preoperatively and 13.5 (SD ± 1.1) postoperatively. This difference was statistically significant P<0.0001. Bilateral cataract surgery patients had greater gain in VF and QoL than those that had uniocular surgery. Conclusion: This study demonstrated that cataract surgery is effective in improving overall VF and vision-related QoL, which resulted in functional independence. The second eye surgery confers additional gains in terms of VF and QoL in patients with bilateral cataract.

Keywords: Cataract surgery, quality of life, visual function


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