Orbital myocysticercosis in Abakaliki: A case report

  • Ezeanosike Edak
  • Ezeanosike B. Obumneme
  • Raymond Odirichi
Keywords: Albendazole, cysticercosis, orbit, taenia solium


Cysticercosis describes human soft tissue infestation with the larval form of the pig tapeworm Taenia solium. It may affect the brain parenchyma,  orbital or intraocular tissues, striated muscle, viscera, subcutaneous tissue, or skin. Clinical presentation depends on the location. We report a case of an 8-year-old boy presenting with painful proptosis and inferior globe  displacement from myocysticercosis of the left superior rectus muscle. The radiological findings of a thick cyst capsule appearing as a well-defined hyperdense ring with a central hypodense core and a hyperdense focus within the core representing the scolex were classical of the disease. The patient responded well to oral antihelminthic and steroid therapy with no residual deficits. Cysticercosis is endemic in developing countries. The  increased awareness of the different disease presentations will result in a high index of suspicion which is needed for early diagnosis and institution of appropriate treatment.

Keywords: Albendazole, cysticercosis, orbit, taenia solium


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eISSN: 2468-8363
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