Outcome of Diode Laser Cyclophotocoagulation in Neovascular Glaucoma in Nigerians: A short-term follow-up

  • R Duke
  • U Asana
  • D Nkanga
  • A Ibanga
Keywords: short-term outcome, diode laser, corneal staining


Aim: To find out the short-term outcome of ciliary ablation with diode laser contact cyclophotocoagulation in Nigerians with neovascular glaucoma.
Methods: The study is a retrospective, non-comparative, interventional case series. Demographic data, ocular and systemic history were obtained. Clinical examination included visual acuity, intraocular pressure, number of
intraocular pressure-lowering medications and type of treatment administered at the time of NVG diagnosis. Treatment with diode laser cyclophotocoagulation was instituted. Short-term outcomes were observed and patients were followed-up for three months.
Results: The study included 3 eyes of 3 patients; all above 40 years, 1 female and 2 male. At the time of NVG diagnosis, all three patients presented with severe ocular pain, and had VA between PL and NPL. Intraocular pressure on the average was 33mmHg at presentation,
and associated with corneal oedema. At 3 months after initial diode laser photocoagulation (DLPC), the VA remained the same in all patients. No patient required repeat treatment. Pain reduction and lowering of the
intraocular pressure were achieved at 3 months followup post-DLPC without anti-glaucoma medication. Conjunctival burns and chemosis were seen. All three eyes had corneal oedema and spontaneous hyphema by the 7 day; with subsequent s th evere corneal blood stain.
Conclusions: Diode laser photocoagulation can be used as an acceptable non-invasive surgical intervention for the reduction of pain and lowering of intraocular pressure in Nigerians with neovascular glaucoma. Most shortterm complications are uneventful. The presence of hyphema with corneal oedema may enhance the occurrence of corneal blood stain in black people. The presence of corneal oedema may thus be a risk factor for corneal blood staining.

Key words: short-term outcome, diode laser, corneal staining


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