Nigerian Journal of Orthopaedics and Trauma

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Efficacy of therapeutic ultrasound and exercise therapy in the management of osteoarthritis of knee joint

AR Salim, S Hanif, S Lamina, UL Isa


Background: Therapeutic Ultrasound (TUS) is considered as one of the physiotherapeutic modalities used in the management of osteoarthritis. However, its effectiveness is still controversial, ill understood and ambiguous.
Purpose: The main purpose of the present study was to determine the therapeutic efficacy of ultrasound therapy in the management of knee osteoarthritis.
Methods: Twelve (7 females and 5 males) patients with chronic osteoarthritis > 3months duration were age matched and grouped into TUS (TUS & exercise) and control (exercise) groups. The TUS group involved in 18 TUS (mode: continuous, intensity: 0.5W/cm2, frequency: 1MHz) for 12 minutes and exercise (mode: low intensity, time: 15 minutes) per sessions for 6 weeks. The control group involve in the same type of exercise for the same duration. Pain (visual analogue scale [VAS]), range of motion (ROM) and Western Ontario and McMaster University Osteoarthritis (WOMAC) Index questionnaire (pain, stiffness, and physical
functions) were assessed.
Results: Findings of the study revealed no significant difference in VAS, ROM and WOMAC scores in the study and control groups. Conclusions: This study confirms that therapeutic ultrasound is of no additional benefit to exercise therapy in the management of chronic osteoarthritis.

Key words: Ultrasound; Exercise; Osteoarthritis; Pain; Range of motion.
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