Evaluation of Sodium Sulphacetamide drops in the Treatment of Ophthalmia Neonatorum

  • SK Ernest
  • O Mokuolu
  • A Adeniyi


Sodium sulphacetamide eye drops had been used successfully in the past in the treatment of ophthalmia neonatorium (ON) but its use has decreased remarkably in recent time. The efficacy of 10 percent sodium sulphacetamide eye drops in the treatment of ON was prospectively evaluated in 68 neonates seen in our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit over a period of six months. Excluded from the study were babies with suspected gonococcal ON, and those who required systemic antibiotics for the treatment of associated sepsis. The eye drops were instilled for one week if by 72 hours of use, clinical response was achieved, otherwise another ophthalmic agent was used. Seventy seven percent of the neonates had clinical cure. It is concluded that sodium sulphacetamide drops may be a useful first line eye drop in the treatment of ON.

Nigerian Journal of Paediatrics 2001;28:50. pp. 50-52

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eISSN: 0302-4660