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Renal sizes in healthy term newborns in Jos, Nigeria

P Ogbe
IE Ocheke
F Bode-Thomas


Introduction Knowledge of the range of normal measurements of body organs including the kidneys in the healthy population is essential. Such reference values provide a quick guide for prompt and accurate evaluation of the abnormal. This study sought to determine renal size by ultrasound measurement in term neonates at the Jos University Teaching Hospital (JUTH).
Materials and Methods: Healthy term neonates aged 12 to 72 hours were consecutively enrolled. Ultrasound measurements of their renal sizes were determined. Mean renal dimensions and their 95% confidence intervals (CI) were computed. The renal sizes were correlated with the infants’ anthropometric parameters and gestational ages using Pearson’s correlation coefficient. Sizes of left and right kidneys and of male and female subjects were compared using student’s t-test.
Results: Two hundred term newborns consisting of 105 (52.50 %) females and 95 (47.50%) males were enrolled. Their mean renal length was 4.09(95% CI, 3.72, 4.46) cm and 4.08 (95% CI, 3.72, 4.44)cm for right and left kidneys; width2.11 (95% CI, 1.89, 2.33) cm and 2.08 (95% CI, 1.85, 2.31) cm for right and left kidneys, and volume9.66(95% CI, 7.49, 9.87) cm3and 9.41 (95% CI, 7.23, 11.59) cm3 for right and left kidneys respectively. Renal dimensions increased consistently with birth weight. No significant difference in renal dimensions between the right and left kidneys was found.
Conclusion: The mean renal dimensions for right and left weresimilar and correlated with birth weight.

Key Words: Healthy, Term, Newborn, Ultrasound, Renal Size,