Sulphonylurea responsive monogenic diabetes in an Insulin treated 8-year old child in West Africa; of more than academic interest and one of many?

  • L. Corley
  • K. Tossou
  • M. Amouzouvi-Sadji
  • E. De Franco
  • R. Firth
Keywords: neonatal diabetes, Sulphonylurearesponsive monogenic diabetes


We describe the case and identification of monogenic diabetes mellitus in a Togolese girl at the age of eight years, previously treated as Type 1 Diabetes following diagnosis at the age of two months. She has since been transitioned from insulin to oral sulphonylurea therapy, with improved glycaemic control and greater therapeutic security. We believe many more such cases must exist in Africa amongst those with a history of neonatal diabetes. Free genomic testing is available (see below) in suitable cases. The case highlights the value of personalized medicine and international cooperation.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0302-4660