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Haematological profile of apparently healthy term babies aged one day, three days and six weeks delivered in Sagamu, Nigeria

MM Ogundeyi, DM Olarewaju, OF Njokanma, TA Ogunlesi


Background: Normal values of haematological parameters are often required to assist with diagnosis and monitoring. Objective: To determine the haematological indices of apparently healthy term babies on the first day, third day and sixth week of life. Method: A longitudinal survey of the haematological parameters of apparently healthy Nigerian term infants was carried out between  October 2007 and March 2008 using electronic devices. Results: On the first day of life, the mean values were 46.3% for packed cell volume (PCV), 10.8 × 109/L for total white blood cell (TWBC) and 261.3 × 109/L for platelets. The mean values obtained on the third day of life includedPCVof 43.3%,TWBC of 10.7 × 109/L and platelets count of 242.5 × 109/L. In the sixth week of life, the mean values of PCV, TWBC and platelets count were as follows: 32.0%, 8.8 × 109/L and 277.7 × 109/L respectively. The mean percentage neutrophil counts and lymphocyte counts were 56.8% and 38.7% respectively on the first day but were reversed to 34.6% and 63.4% respectively on the sixth week of life. Conclusion: The mean values of the PCV and TWBC were highest on the first day of life and lowest in the sixth week of life whereas the mean values of platelets count showed a less consistent pattern over the same period.

Key words: Erythrocytes, Haematological indices, Leucocytes, Newborn, Platelets
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