Design, construction and evaluation of a meteorological mobile mast

  • Kayode D. Adedayo
  • Kehinde Ladipo
Keywords: Instrumented, Meteorological, Mast, Profile, Measurement


A 30 metre meteorological mobile mast has been designed and constructed for upper air profile measurements. The parameters to be measured are wind speed, wind direction, temperature and relative humidity. The sensors for each parameter to be measured are constructed with locally available materials. The mechanical mast is designed in such a way that it can be collapsed like the electronic - controlled car radio antenna. It is made up of steel pipes of different diameters driven manually or by an electric motor via a pulley system. The sensors were calibrated with standard instruments and attached to different height of the mast for sample data acquisition. Data obtained from the sensors are stored in a data logger at the base of the mast. The data obtained were analyzed and there are appreciable correlations between the standard and the constructed instruments.

Keywords: Instrumented, Meteorological, Mast, Profile, Measurement.


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eISSN: 1596-0862