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Snail fauna and investigations into the incidence of schistosoma infection in Lake of Oguta 1 Region, Imo State, Nigeria

Z.U. Ejehu, C.A. Ekwunife, J.U. Anumba, A.E. Onyido, P.U. Umeanaeto


A study aimed at identifying the current snail fauna of Oguta Lake in Oguta 1 of Oguta LGA, Imo State, was carried out between May 2012 and January 2013. Four sites were surveyed using standard scoop method consisting of flat wire mesh and iron handle. The species of snails were identified based on shell morphology. Out of 385 snails collected, 216 (56.1%) were Lymnaea, 150 (39.0%) Bulinus; and 19 (4.9%) Pila. The spatial distribution of snails was clustered within two sites – Okpaosha and Onu Okpaosha out of the four-sites surveyed. There was no significant difference between the two sites where snails were collected (p>0.05). More snails were recorded in the rainy season 304 (79%) than dry season 81 (20.9%). This study established the continuous presence of snail host species in Oguta Lake irrespective of dredging activities in the lake. The presence of snail host species indicates likely presence of urinary schistosomiasis among people living in the community, although none of the snails collected and exposed to sunlight was found to shed cercariae.

Keywords: Freshwater; snail fauna; Oguta Lake; Imo State
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