Geohelminth contamination of raw vegetables as sold in some selected markets in Kaduna Metropolis, Nigeria

  • V.A. Maikai
  • J.E. Watti
  • A. Okolo
  • B. Desmond
Keywords: Vegetables, parasites, eggs, contamination.


Vegetables are a very essential part of the human diet providing dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals. A study was carried out to determine the geohelminth contamination of raw vegetables sold in some selected markets within the Kaduna Metropolis. A total of three hundred (300) vegetable samples were bought across the markets and the presence of geohelminth parasites in the vegetables were determined using floatation, sedimentation and microscopy methods. The results revealed out of the five different vegetables examined, lettuce (Lactuva sativa) had 80% contamination and 9(47.4%) multi parasitic eggs or larva. Barkin Ruwa Market sourced vegetable were contaminated with 7(28.0%) multi parasitic eggs or larva, while Mando Market samples vegetables had 2(8.0%) multi parasitic eggs or larva. The eggs of Ascaris lumbricoides, hookworm, Strongyloids and Trichuris trichiura were detected in the vegetables. The most prevalent eggs were A. lumbricoides eggs and Trichuris trichiura had the least. The study revealed that raw vegetables as sold in markets could be potential sources of transmission for intestinal parasites in this study and consumers of raw vegetables could be at risk of infection. There is a need to thoroughly wash raw vegetables bought from the markets to prevent incidence of parasitic zoonoses.

Keywords: Vegetables; parasites; eggs; contamination.


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eISSN: 1117-4145