Absorption Spectra Of Rbcl:Yb Rbbr:Yb And Rbi:Yb Crystals

  • I M Mejeha


Single crystals of rubidium chloride, bromide and iodide were doped with substitutional divalent ytterbium, Yb ions, by heating them in ytterbium atmosphere. The absorption spectra of the Yb doped crystals were measured at room and liquid nitrogen temperatures. The spectra were found to consist of intense broad absorption bands located mainly in the ultraviolet spectral region. They have been ascribed to the electric dipole allowed transition of the Yb ions from the 4f(S) ground state to states of the first excited 4f5d configuration of the ions in the crystals. On the basis of the experimental data obtained from the study, an energy level structure has been derived for the 4f5d configuration of Ybions in rubidium chloride, bromide and iodide crystals.

Keywords: Rubidium halides, absorption spectra, divalent ytterbium ions and metal vapour phase diffusion.

Nigerian Journal of Physics Vol. 19 (2) 2007: pp. 189-200

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eISSN: 1595-0611