Nigerian Journal of Physiological Sciences

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Effect Of Crude Protein Levels And Follicle Stimulation On Egg Production Of Aged Hens

VA Togun, JI Okwusidi, OA Amao, SU Onyiaoha


The effects of varying levels of crude protein and follicle stimulation were studied on the recovery and performance of one hundred post moulted, aged, Nera Black Hens. Moulting was induced at production capacity of 33.6%. The birds were thereafter randomly assigned to four (4) groups (each of two replicates). Two groups received 16% crude protein (CP) level diets and the other two groups, 32%. One each of the two groups received follicle stimulation, induced by administration of Clomifene citrate (1.5mg/kg) via cathetered 5ml syringe through the 10week experimental period, with feed and water offered ad libitum. Egg production ceased on day 5 of forced moulting. Post-moult menarche and return to pre-moult status had occurred on days 4 and 8 respectively in all the groups. Post-moult hen-day peak production performance was 87.5%, 91.7%, 68.0% and 83.3% for birds assigned to 16% CP diet without follicle stimulation (Group 1 – control), 16% CP diet plus follicle stimulation (Group 2), 32% CP diet without follicle stimulation (Group 3) and 32% CP plus follicle stimulation (Group 4). Post-moult mean weekly production performance was 69.66%; 67.26%; 56.40% and 63.69% for groups 1,2,3 and 4 hens respectively. Follicle stimulation enhanced post-moult production performance especially the hen-day performance in birds on 16% CP diet. Higher protein diet did not per se enhance peak production, post-moult menarche and return to pre-moult status.
Key words: Moulting; Aged hens; Crude protein; Follicle Stimulation Hen-day, menarche.
Nigerian Journal of Physiological Sciences Vol.19(1&2) 2004: 77-81
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